"93% of strategy execs said that exploring new business models is as important in this current economic climate as cutting costs and retaining customers."
STL Partners Brainstorm Participant Survey


We are delighted that over the last 8 years our events have been consistently rated by the senior execs who participate in them as ‘better than other events in the industry’. This is due to our unique ‘Mindshare’ format and the care with which we prepare and curate the events.

Typical comments are "Impressive facilitation"... "Refreshingly different format"... "Incredibly useful and insightful"... "Very productive"... "The interactive tools are easy to use"... "High quality discussions".

Executive Brainstorms in 2013/14:

Some more comments from participants at our recent events are below. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to making the events highly successful and a very productive use of time.
“Much better than other events because it focuses on industry transformation”
Chief Strategy Officer, Mobile Operator

“Brilliantly organized. Unlike any other event.”
Commercial Director, Entertainment Company

“The interactive brainstorming enables participants to shape the future of the industry”
Director, Bank

“Important for testing new ideas within a very different environment.”
Director of Innovation, Mobile Operator

“Facilitated by professionals who are expert in the content”
Executive Director, Advertising Agency

“Both the size and format are very different than any other event I’ve ever participated in”
Chief Marketing Officer, Technology Company

“The format enables an open and free exchange of content; it’s not sales, it’s not pitching an agenda, it’s high quality discussion that’s relevant to the major issues facing all of us in this market today”
President, Technology Company

“The innovator showcase was very enjoyable”
VP Digital Products, Hollywood Studio

“STL Partners provide forward thinking business model analysis to stimulate the brainstorms”
Strategy Director, Online Service Provider

“The intimacy of the event was excellent, and very unlike other conferences that I go to”
SVP Corporate Development, Hollywood Studio

“STL Partners have come up with a very efficient way to capture the consensus of a room full of very important thought leaders and experts in their field – this is amazingly valuable and makes their events unique in the industry.”
VP Strategy, US telco

“I thoroughly enjoyed the format and interactivity”
VP Corporate Strategy, Cloud Service Provider

“One of the best conferences that I've had the pleasure of attending!”
CEO, Media Company

“The collaborative approach to group problem-solving seems steeped in advanced learning theory, yet we covered a lot of ground in two short days. I learned about the issues and challenges facing entrenched concerns while contributing to the group's understanding of the impact of coming technology to evolving business models. A highly effective format.”
CEO, Cloud Service Provider

“The thought engagement at your events is brilliant”
CEO, Technology company

“Senior delegates feel comfortable to contribute - a measure of the quality of STL Partners’ moderation.”
Director, FMCG Company

“Very importantly it focuses on the future not the past”
Director, New Ventures, Retailer

“STL Partners create a level of debate and intimacy that I do not find in other events”
VP, Global Consultancy

“You gathered all the key stakeholders together to help drive ROI for all”
New Business Director, Retailer

“A unique opportunity to engage with the main industry stakeholders directly”
Director, Technology Company

“Participants are seasoned executives and thought leaders looking to collaborate in new ways”
CEO, Tech Company

“The format is great - competitors talking to competitors was truly unique to see.”
SVP, Global Service Provider

“The value of STL’s events lies in their ability to bring together executives with significant industry experience to address cutting-edge business transformation topics. And do so in a way that helps participants explore how to take advantage of them.”
Vice President, Software company, 2013

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