"93% of strategy execs said that exploring new business models is as important in this current economic climate as cutting costs and retaining customers."
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New Digital Economics/Telco 2.0 EMEA June 2012 Review

"The 'Mindshare' format is excellent... more intimate than the larger shows, an opportunity to have a real conversation with the audience."
Vice President, Media Company

"The 'Mindshare' approach creates much better interactive discussions than other conferences I have been to. Also, due to STL Partners' careful briefing, the speakers are of a consistently higher standard than most other conferences."
SVP, Major Operator

Introduction to 'Mindshare'™

Our ‘Mindshare’™ format and process is very different from normal conferences:

  • It enables a genuine 'brainstorm' with large groups of people.
  • It is a structured and facilitated process that combines short (10 mins), specially briefed stimulus presentations with group interactivity. 25% of the event time is spent in structured, interactive debate.
  • The interactivity is supported by collaborative technology – voting keypads linked together allowing anonymous and simultaneous input and voting.
  • This enables large groups to clarify issues, solve problems and create new ideas together.
  • Our process focuses on generating practical industry next step actions on the critical issues around success in an increasingly IP-based world. We generate over 100 pages of verbatim market data and votes at each event.
  • We conduct original market analysis in advance of the event, and support the build up to the event via our blog (www.telco2.net/blog) and afterwards on our online forum.

More Details on How it Works

"The balance of presentation duration (avoiding death by Powerpoint) and the use and quality of the [STL Partners] analysts is excellent."
Director, Major Enabler

Speaker presentations are designed to stimulate a debate as part of a structured large scale brainstorm. Presenters in each section of the brainstorm make up a small panel of 2-3 people carefully selected experts. We ask each presenter to deliver a short presentation (10 mins, 6-8 slides) on a very specific topic which is complementary to the others and which is bringing new insight to the industry. We work with them in advance of the event to define each slide to ensure relevance.

The audience (‘participants’) is seated at round tables of up to 8 people. After stimulus presentations in each section of the brainstorm the participants are asked to discuss what they’ve heard with those next to them and then feedback their thoughts anonymously and simultaneously, within a structured format.

While this data is inputted, our team of analysts review it and discuss it with the panel of speakers. We pick out the key themes of the feedback and agree what topics are in scope and out of scope for a discussion with the speakers. Our facilitator then runs a panel discussion based on this feedback for 20-30 mins. As part of this process we also conduct open discussion with the audience and, depending on the topic, we sometimes run an instant vote to test the climate on controversial issues.

Discussions are captured and turned into a verbatim report after the event, which participants have access to. This becomes invaluable market data.

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"An exceptional event."
COO, Major Operator

"The best event I’ve ever been to."
Brand Manager, Major Operator

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